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Get early access to Somerville’s first passive house


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      Welcome to Loën

      Live better in Somerville

      Discover a vibrant and diverse neighborhood, a uniquely peaceful living experience, and revolutionary eco-friendly design at Somerville's first passive house.

      Welcome to Loën

      Positively great condos

      Forget everything you know about condo living. At Loën, thoughtful design touches and revolutionary construction techniques come together to create an exceptionally restful, comfortable, and eco-friendly space in the heart of Somerville.

      Somerville’s first Passive House

      With dense insulation, specialized ventilation systems, and an array of hand-selected features and finishes, Loën is both impressively optimized and incredibly comfortable.

      Cut through the noise

      Loën’s powerful insulation and thick walls foster a restfully quiet living environment.

      Save your money

      A revolutionary thermal design improves energy efficiency and lowers heating and cooling bills.

      Feel the sunshine

      Large triple-glazed windows offer ample natural light and warmth without letting heat escape.

      Breathe easy

      At Loën, your health is a top priority. Our indoor air quality is better by design.

      Avoid waste

      Built-in heat recovery systems capture and reuse excess heat, lowering environmental impact.

      Sustainably powered

      Loën is equipped with solar panels in order to generate energy safely and sustainably.

      Spacious, quiet, and unique

      Explore dozens of refreshingly airy and delightfully cozy condos. Loën's one-bedroom, one-plus-bedroom, two-bedroom, and two-plus-bedroom homes feature open-concept layouts with high ceilings, oversized windows, and inspired finishes.

      Model Unit 15

      One Bedroom +

      Spacious one-bedroom condos with room to spread out and entertain.

      Model Unit 25

      Two bedroom

      An efficient two-bedroom layout, great for remote workers.

      Model Unit 1

      Two bedroom +

      Deluxe condos ideal for anyone who wants to go the extra mile.

      Low energy, high impact

      Low energy, high impact. The future of Somerville starts with Loën.

      With dramatically reduced energy loss and exceptional insulation, Loën uses only a fraction of the energy of conventional buildings. Why not see it for yourself?

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      Live at Loën

      Get early access to Somerville’s first Passive House